Hawaii Knife Show

Saturday February 18, 2017

Open 10AM to 4PM

​Kalia Tower in the Hibiscus Suite

About this show

This show is held every two years. It is open to all types of knives and cutlery. We feature some of the finest knife makers from around the world as well as a few dealers and exhibitors. All the knife makers should have knives available for sale at the beginning of the show. A few may do "right to buy" lotteries. Many of the knives are made by the one maker in his or her shop usually in their home. The workmanship is extremely high and the tool with last a life time and then some! Knives are for hunting, general carry for everyday use, tactical for military or law enforcement use, collectors and display style art knives and others! Something for everyone! 

Nice break from the beach and the week with the wife and kids for a few hours! For the knife makers and other exhibitors a chance to do a write off show and get in a vacation with a tan! There is no better place than Hawaii to vacation! They speak English and are glad to have us visiting! Fun show we hope you can make it!