Hawaii Knife Show

Saturday February 18, 2017

Open 10AM to 4PM

​Kalia Tower in the Hibiscus Suite


Update 2/8/17

Our 2017 Exhibitors   Tables are available

​TABLES ARE AVAILABLE  email dan@plazacutlery.com for info

Plaza Cutlery   Hosting (will bring any knives that are requested)

Nalu Boersma   Knife maker  2017

Mike Bond Ti2 Design    2017                   NEW 

Blade Junkee "Scott"  2017                      NEW

Ed Cope  Knife maker  2017

Bill Hall "Tri City Knife Works"  2017

JSM Cutlery  Dealer    2017                       NEW

Elizabeth Loerchner  Knife Maker  2017     NEW

Medford Knives          2017  

Scot Matsuoka     Knife maker 2017

Chad Nell   knife Maker      2017

Mojo-Tactical  Dave Tejada  Dealer  

Mel Nishiuchi  Knife maker   2017

Tom Mayo     Knife maker   With the wedding had to cancel

Chris Reeve Knives       2017

Jim Sornberger    Knife maker  2017

Ken Onion\Jeff Park     Knife maker  2017

Mel Watanabe  Knife maker  2017